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National Medical Billing Services is excited to announce we are now nimble solutions. Learn more.

When ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) break even on surgical implants, they often lose money. That’s because getting reimbursed for implants is a complex, time-consuming process.  
Join us for an informative session into the strategies and best practices needed to navigate payer contracts effectively and streamline revenue cycle management processes.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Safeguard your ASC’s profitability by maximizing implant reimbursements
  • Negotiate favorable contracts
  • Implement efficient RCM practices 

This webinar session benefits ASC administrators, surgeons, and stakeholders interested in knowing how to secure better reimbursement for procedures that require implants. View the webinar now to optimize your ASC’s revenue and contract negotiations today. 

Lisa Rock, President of nimble solutions
Scott Allen, SVP of Managed Care Contracting

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