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National Medical Billing Services is excited to announce we are now nimble solutions. Learn more.

SOLUTIONS | coding

Boost compliance with broad, multi-specialty surgical expertise.

Access to qualified medical coders can be a real challenge in today’s marketplace. We offer coding-only, coding audit, and coding education solutions through a highly specialized, credentialed, and recognized team of surgical coders.

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What sets nimble coding apart.

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Enhance reporting

Track, review, and query the status of all cases with our interactive dashboard.

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Improve turnaround

Accelerate your revenue cycle. nimble transcribed reports are coded within two hours.

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Boost accuracy

Industry-leading accuracy with specialized, certified coders and extensive QA.

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Increase security

Protect patient privacy with our HIPAA-compliant document management portal.

Expedite reimbursement with the speed and accuracy of nimble’s coding solution.

Our coding solution is delivered via our interactive dashboard and management tool, which integrates with our transcription and billing workflow tools. If nimble manages your transcription, compliant coding is returned within two hours of delivering the transcribed report.

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Specialized management tool

nimble’s interactive dashboard is the most efficient system for managing all of your coding.

  • Instant overview of all pending cases, cases coded, cases awaiting additional information and cases in the query process
  • Using the query process, you can post questions directly to our coders and review their responses on specific cases
  • Securely upload all corresponding information such as pathology reports, implant logs etc.
  • Instant access to the coding for all cases

Put nimble solutions to the test.

Ask to see how our transcription, coding, and chart management software can streamline your revenue cycle management.