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National Medical Billing Services is excited to announce we are now nimble solutions. Learn more.

SOLUTIONS | chart management software

Simplify and automate your entire chart management process.

Eliminate the hassle of paper chart preparation, storage, and retrieval. Our complete chart management software further integrates nimble’s transcription, coding, and billing workflows and interfaces directly with your practice management software so you can put your expertise to better work.

Bring nimble’s chart management software to your organization, and say goodbye to pre-printed forms, sticky labels, and costly chart storage.

Investing in an EHR system is not always practical, so we built EZChart:

Cost effective

Go digital without breaking the bank.

A time saver

Automate chart pack preparation and expedite scanning and printing.

RCM integrated

Gain efficiencies by connecting with our transcription and billing solutions.

CBO friendly

Manage multiple locations within your centralized billing operation.

Features & benefits

Simplify scheduling

Pull case information in real-time, thanks to a direct connection with your existing scheduling system.

Save time and money

Eliminate manual chart preparation, chart storage and sticky labels.

One-click printing

Print all your daily charts with a click of a button.

Eliminate preprinted forms

Go digital and edit or populate forms at any time.

Scan and go

Barcode technology assigns scanned forms to the right location.

Manage multiple locations

Access and manage multiple locations within your centralized billing office, all from a single portal.

Integrate transcriptions

Pull updated op notes and reports directly when you add our surgical transcription solution.

Integrate billing

Connect with our surgical billing solution to track the case from coding through billing and payment.

Track and audit

Know the status of every case and every chart in real time from one convenient dashboard.

Put nimble solutions to the test.

Ask to see how our transcription, coding, and chart management software can streamline your revenue cycle management.