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Orthopedic and spine surgeries are witnessing a remarkable surge, especially within the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) market. In the outpatient setting, patients are experiencing cost savings, enhanced convenience and comfort, while medical advancements in technology ensure high-quality outcomes. This combination of savings, convenience, and excellence in medical care is propelling these specialized procedures into an exciting era of progress and possibilities.

This webinar examines:

  • Reimbursement trends for orthopedic and spine procedures

  • Medicare’s current and anticipated stance on orthopedic and spine cases in ASCs

  • Negotiating managed care contracts to best capitalize on orthopedic and spine surgeries

  • Analysis of the impact that orthopedic and spine procedures can have on your bottom line and your net worth

  • Private equity’s focus on orthopedics and spine 

The Business of Orthopedics & Spine in Surgery Centers is presented by nimble solutions CEO Nader Samii, JD/MBA; with Senior Vice President of Managed Care Contracting, Scott Allen; and former Senior Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, Kylie Kaczor, MSN-RN, CASC, CMPE, CPHRM, ACHE, CPCO, CLSSBB.

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