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Growth can be a delicate business in today’s rapidly evolving outpatient industry. As ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) strive to identify new growth opportunities, it’s essential to review current business processes to develop fresh insights for long-term success.  

During this webinar, Nader Samii, CEO of nimble, explores the latest trends in the ASC market, including hypergrowth in high acuity specialties, and the financial impact these specialties can have on your business.  

Some of the key topics include: 

  • Which trends are driving growth in the ASC market and how to capitalize on them 
  •  How to apply Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to your business strategy 
  • Examples of forward-thinking revenue cycle metrics, revenue cycle pitfalls, and tactics to build better outcomes 

Watch How to Identify Growth Opportunities: ASC Market Trends and Revenue Cycle Metrics and gain the actionable knowledge your ASC needs to achieve long-term growth and success. 

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