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National Medical Billing Services is excited to announce we are now nimble solutions. Learn more.

nimble solutions has identified the top five overlooked aspects within the revenue cycle that cause delays to payment and claim denials. Fine-tune these processes to improve your ASC’s rate of collections:

  • Front-end operations: learn the financial impact of front-end error rates and how to prevent them

  • Reconciliation: techniques to improve accuracy and timeliness 
  • Chargemaster analysis: apply payer contract guidelines to avoid underbilling and overbilling 

  • Implant billing: examples of payer contract language, methodology, and restrictions 

  • High dollar claims review: the impact of front-end operations on A/R and utilizing case costing analysis to set appropriate margins

These 5 overlooked revenue cycle processes are holding your ASC back from true financial success. If you’re looking to prevent claim denials, watch the Fine-Tuning ASC Finances webinar. Access the tools you need to get paid more and get paid faster.

Presented by
Lisa Rock, President
Scott Allen, SVP, Managed Care Contracting

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