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Managed care contracts play a crucial role in the financial success of surgical organizations, particularly for orthopedic procedures. Even small changes in these contracts can make a significant difference.  

By carefully reviewing and negotiating managed care contracts, your ASC can ensure fair reimbursement rates and maintain financial sustainability. 

What’s inside:  

  • The evolution of orthopedics in the outpatient setting and the projected growth in the ASC market through 2028. 

  • Managed care contract checklist: eight steps to achieve financial success when adding orthopedic procedures, such as total joints, to your service line. 

  • Access to orthopedic resources for ASCs, including orthopedic webinars focused on revenue growth and investment opportunities. 

Download The Financial Impact of Managed Care Contracting in Orthopedics today. It includes a Managed Care Contract Checklist to help you negotiate fair reimbursement rates and maximize profitability.  

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nimble RCM solutions can maximize your ROI.

nimble experts can help answer tough questions that identify areas for your financial improvement

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