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National Medical Billing Services is excited to announce we are now nimble solutions. Learn more.

SOLUTIONS | Managed Care Contracting

Build the foundation for solid financial results and profitable growth. 

The right managed care contracts can set your surgical organization up for success. nimble advisors partner with your team to dig deep into your existing contracts and business, evaluate market opportunities, and pave a path toward real financial improvement.

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Why surgical organizations trust nimble with their managed care contracts:

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Specialized experience

Responsible for managing and negotiating 1,000s of payer contracts annually. 

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Broad coverage

Access to reimbursement benchmarks and insights across 45+ states.

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Deep relationships

Experience working with payers nationwide.

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Unique perspective

Evaluate and negotiate contracts through the lens of an RCM expert.

Ensure maximum reimbursement for every procedure.

nimble has vast experience working with major payers to turn contract management and analyses into real growth opportunities for your surgical organization. While engagements can be bespoke, we’ll always cover:

Contract Management

  • Incorporate metrics into SOPs for billing team to ensure accuracy
  • Communicate payer updates, requirements, and notices to stay compliant
  • Measure contracts against payer and regional benchmarks

Chargemaster Analysis

  • Detailed reimbursement matrix by payer for thorough chargemaster evaluation
  • Ensure maximum reimbursement down to the CPT-code level
  • Assess compliance by assuring no incidental overcharging

Case Analysis & Costing

  • Measure full case reimbursement against other contracts and Medicare
  • Determine profitability of each case based on payer contract and overhead costs
  • Review practice trends to ensure maximum case-by-case profitability

nimble RCM solutions can maximize your ROI.

nimble experts can help answer tough questions that identify areas for your financial improvement