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Recharge Your Revenue Potential with nimble’s 3 R’s for RCM Success

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Just as athletes adopt the 3 R’s of Recovery (Rehydrate, Refuel, and Rebuild) after game day or intense training, healthcare providers can score opportunities for financial success with the 3 R’s of revenue cycle management (RCM).  
While the 3 R’s of Recovery optimizes physical resilience for athletes, nimble’s 3 R’s of RCM optimizes financial resilience to ensure surgical organizations can thrive and continue to take care of patients.  

Echoing the steps athletes take to maintain peak performance, nimble’s 3 R’s of RCM:  

  • Reinforce business goals,  
  • Realize growth opportunities, and  
  • Revitalize your financial game plan.  

Here’s how nimble’s ASC clients achieve peak financial performance with the 3 R’s of RCM.  

Reinforce Your Business Goals

Just as athletes require proper foundations such as nutrition and hydration to sustain performance, healthcare providers need a strong base to ensure long-term financial health. The first step in our RCM methodology is to establish a solid foundation by reinforcing key business goals. It’s critical to understand where your organization stands and where it aims to reach.  

nimble helps reinforce your business goals by implementing a targeted approach that aligns with your specific objectives, whether it’s reducing operational costs, improving cash flow, or enhancing patient satisfaction scores. Our customizable solutions are designed to strengthen your core business operations, making your financial goals not just aspirational but achievable. 

How nimble Achieves This

  • Managed Care Contracting: The terms within managed care contracts dictate the profitability of your procedures and serve as the foundation for the success of your business. Our expertise in negotiating favorable contract terms to align with national and regional benchmarks optimizes your revenue potential.  
  • Data-Driven Insights: By leveraging the power of data analytics, nimble provides actionable insights that guide strategic decision-making. Our tools are designed to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement, enabling you to make informed choices that lead to sustained growth. 
  • Process Optimization: nimble’s expertise in optimizing RCM processes ensures that your operations are lean and efficient. From patient registration to billing, we’ve refined the accuracy and turnaround time for each step of the revenue cycle to get you paid more and get you paid faster. 

Realize Your Growth Opportunities 

Once your foundation is strong, the next step is to optimize current services and capitalize on growth opportunities.  

Focusing on near-term opportunities, nimble identifies which cases are the most profitable for your surgery center to boost monthly revenue.  

With deep insights on local, regional, and national trends, nimble provides the expertise necessary for long-term, sustainable growth opportunities such as expanding your service line, ancillary services, or specialty mix. 

How nimble Achieves This 

  • Market Analysis: nimble conducts comprehensive market analyses to identify high-potential areas for expansion. This includes assessing competitor landscapes, benchmarking, and pinpointing service gaps in the market. 
  • Service Line Expansion: We assist in the strategic planning and implementation of new service lines, ensuring compliance, alignment with demand and your operational capabilities, thus driving increased revenue. 
  • Partnership Opportunities: Is it financially beneficial for an ASC to expand locations independently or to partner with a health system or local hospital? Should your facility staff anesthesia providers or contract with an anesthesia group? When exploring partnership and acquisition opportunities, nimble’s expertise provides stakeholders with the insights they need to confidently make the best decision. 

Revitalize Your Financial Game Plan

Revitalizing your financial strategy is about looking ahead, anticipating challenges, and preparing for the future. nimble provides innovative, forward-thinking RCM solutions that address the ever-changing industry landscape. 

How nimble Achieves This 

  • Technology Integration: With an eye towards the future, nimble’s Total RCM solution is compatible with all software platforms. Our tech-enabled workflow integrates machine learning into your operations, automates tasks where possible, and provides a scalable infrastructure that grows with your business. 
  • Compliance and Training: Understanding that regulations in healthcare are continually evolving, nimble ensures your team is well-informed and your operations are compliant with the latest industry standards and practices. 

#RechargeYourRevenue with nimble

nimble’s approach to RCM is comprehensive because we measure our success by our clients’ financial results. 

By reinforcing your business goals, realizing your growth opportunities, and revitalizing your financial strategy, nimble’s 3 R’s of RCM will unlock your full revenue potential. 
Success in RCM is not about following a static plan; it’s about being adaptable, proactive, and strategic. nimble reshapes the traditional revenue cycle management strategy and recharges revenue opportunities for a more profitable future. 

Looking to engage with a partner genuinely committed to your success?  Take the first step towards optimizing your revenue cycle by requesting a revenue assessment from our team of RCM experts. Request a demo.