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New 2024 Neurostimulator Codes: What ASCs Need to Know

By Paul Cadorette, CPC, COC, CPC-P, COSC, CASCC, Director of Education, nimble solutions 
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The arrival of new 2024 neurostimulator codes for ASCs brings a significant change in the medical coding landscape. With new CPT codes for neurostimulators and revised definitions for existing codes, ASC coders will need to refresh their knowledge to maintain revenue cycle efficiency. 

From electrode insertions to distinct codes for neurostimulator pulse generator or receiver insertions, the 2024 updated neurostimulator coding landscape encompasses an array of procedures.  

This blog post outlines some of the topics covered in the 2024 Neurostimulators coding course, available on-demand with corresponding AAPC continuing education units included.

2024 Neurostimulator CPT Updates for ASCs

The recent CPT Editorial Panel Symposium offered valuable guidance for identifying integrated neurostimulator systems and their corresponding CPT codes, including: 

  • Integrated Neurostimulator Characteristics: An integral aspect of these systems is the electrode’s composition, which encompasses a receiver and circuitry for power delivery. 

  • Transcutaneous Power Delivery: Notably, power to the receiver is transcutaneously delivered from an external source through the skin.

  • Similar Insertion Techniques with Variances: While the techniques for inserting traditional or integrated electrodes may share similarities, CPT reporting depends on how the electrode was positioned under the skin to receive power. The different techniques prompted the creation of new codes catering to these specifics. 

  • Absence of Subcutaneous Pulse Generator: Integrated devices amalgamate the functionalities of both the electrode and the pulse generator or receiver. There isn’t a separate subcutaneous pulse generator in these integrated systems. 

  • Emphasis on Physical Connection Requirement: A pivotal requirement is the physical connection between the power source and the electrode array.

Understanding, documenting, and accurately applying these codes will improve your ASC’s revenue cycle accuracy.  

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