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2024 Spine Coding Changes for ASCs: Your Questions Answered! 

Now available on demand! Watch our webinar Master 2024 Spine Code Challenges for an in-depth discussion on ASC spine coding policy changes.

Welcome back, spine coding enthusiasts! With so many 2024 spine coding changes for ASCs, our recent Master 2024 Spine Code Challenges webinar included a live Q&A session, packed with audience questions. 

Although our coding experts couldn’t get to every question in real time, Paul Cadorette and Alison Kuley compiled the remaining queries here. 

Let’s pick up where they left off and dive straight into the answers you’ve been eagerly awaiting! 

Q: Are technologies like Inspan, Aurora Zip, Stabilink also coded with 22899 like was discussed with Minuteman?
Q: What are the coding guidelines for the instrumentation used in spine procedures (ex Magec Rod)? standard mark-up ASCs should consider when billing implants?

Currently, there is no specific CPT code available to report the implantation of adjustable spinal magnetic growing rods. Therefore, code 22899, Unlisted procedure, spine, may be reported for this service. When reporting an unlisted code to describe a procedure or service, it is necessary to submit supporting documentation (eg, a procedure report) along with the claim to provide an adequate description of the nature, extent, and need for the procedure, and the time, effort, and equipment necessary to provide the service.

Q: I think it was mentioned that Catamaran was considered an intra articular SI Fusion. All the publications I’m able to find state that this is a transfixing device. Can you provide insight?
Q: What’s the best practice for coding sacrectomy?
Q. Does the ability to append modifiers to unlisted codes extend to Category III CPT codes?  

Q. What can you tell us about the Minuteman device?

Q: When billing CPT 22899 for some of these cases, what codes would you recommend for the comparison codes when it comes to RVU and pricing?

Q: What is the website for the Medicare approved ASC procedures?

Q: Endoscopic codes are not covered by most private insurances. Do you have advice on keeping track of that and how to manage it for endoscopic procedures?

Q: Since unlisted codes do not receive facility payment from Medicare, do you have suggestions as to how to receive facility reimbursement?

Q: Do you have suggestions on how to get AMA responses published in the CPT assistant?

Q: Are there any published resources that specially say the OLLIF is an unlisted code? 

Q: For SI Joint Fusion – what about 0775T?

Q: What is your best guidance for documenting further laminectomy beyond what is required to prepare the interspace during a lumbar interbody fusion 22633?

Q: What is the proper code for an inter laminar device used for fixation of a fusion?

Q: Our group has been told that to meet “transfixing” for SI Fusions, there is NO directional. Is this correct?

Q: Inspan, ZIP, Stabilink are all accessed posteriorly, not laterally.  Would those fit the 22612 if they go out to the lateral aspects of the facets?

2024 spine code changes for ASCs - includes spinous process fusion devices
Images of spinous process fusion devices
 Master 2024 Spine Code Challenges is now available on-demand.

If you missed this in-depth discussion on 2024 spine code changes for ASCs, you can access the webinar recording on our website at any time.