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National Medical Billing Services is excited to announce we are now nimble solutions. Learn more.

When ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) merge with hospital systems and integrate hospital software management systems, such as Epic, a specialized configuration is necessary to capture each step of the revenue cycle for outpatient procedures. 

Our case study is a specific example of how a group of hospital-affiliated ASCs streamlined their software and RCM processes through a customized approach to electronic medical records and practice management functions. 

Unlock Key Benefits: 

  • Tailored Billing and Coding: A customized approach brings greater accuracy and maximizes reimbursement for hospital-affiliated ASCs. 

  • Denial Prevention Strategies: Uncover proven techniques to minimize claim issues and increase collections. 

  • Financial Optimization: Explore advanced strategies leveraging technology and data analytics to optimize financial performance. 

Join the ranks of successful hospital-affiliated ASCs that have leveraged our expertise.

Download our case study Why Surgical RCM Expertise Matters for Hospital-Affiliated ASCs to learn more.

Download the Case Study