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Staffing shortages are continuing to impact the quality and consistency of care in healthcare.

When ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) struggle to recruit and retain employees, revenue and patient satisfaction can suffer.

To improve revenue cycle efficiency and the patient experience, ASCs are adapting a total revenue cycle management (RCM) solution to encompass all aspects of the revenue cycle, including front-end operations.  

Our case study shows how a Total RCM solution: 

  • Reduces likelihood of human error: claim rejections and denials decrease when front-end processes are automated. 

  • Improves clean claim rate and collections: one RCM workflow to meet immediate and long-term financial goals.  

  • Minimizes overhead costs while increasing patient satisfaction: staff are able to dedicate more time to value-added tasks for patients.  

Download How to Solve Front End Challenges: Improve Accuracy, Revenue, and Patient Satisfaction to learn more. 

Download the Case Study


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