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Greg Maccia

Senior Vice President, Anesthesia Technology

Greg joined nimble as the Senior Vice President of Anesthesia and Technology in 2022 after Medi-Corp was acquired by nimble. As a co-founder of Medi-Corp, Greg was a part of the company’s growth from a startup to a national company that specializes in anesthesia billing solutions in multiple states.

Before partnering with David Kadish and building Medi-Corp, Greg owned and managed software and consulting companies in the medical field. He co-founded and was involved in Medical Accounts Management Services, The Physician Network, Technology Services, and other medical entities.

Greg has also written billing, collection, and financial software for many large billing companies, physicians, and standalone facilities use. His team designed and programmed the back office and web systems used at Medi-Corp, which can be customized to each client’s needs.

As Vice President of Anesthesia Technology, Greg’s comprehensive expertise is integral in providing specialized revenue cycle services for anesthesiologists, anesthesia groups, and the anesthesia industry. Greg holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.