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Brent Pincock

Senior Vice President, Administrative Services

Brent joined nimble as the Senior Vice President of Administrative Services in 2022. He handles nimble’s team of Client Managers to ensure the satisfaction and retention of our clients by driving production team performance improvement, providing insightful analytics, monitoring KPIs, sharing industry trends, and proactively recommending improvement opportunities to clients.

Before joining nimble, Brent was in Client Management with R1 RCM for ten years. He developed a solid understanding of RCM functions while partnering with providers to enhance and understand their unique needs for better outcomes.

Brent also worked in Strategy and Operations roles within Aon (a financial services firm), which allowed him to work with business leaders across the globe. Brent has a proven record of developing and implementing strategies to enhance the client experience, increase revenue, and improve operational efficiencies.

Brent graduated with a degree in Finance from Brigham Young University.