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National Medical Billing Services is excited to announce we are now nimble solutions. Learn more.

ASC Expertise

Partnering with Ambulatory Surgery Centers to unlock value across the revenue cycle.

Whether you are independently owned or partnered with a management company, health care system, or private equity firm, nimble has the right solution for you.

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Graph showing nimble solutions capabilities for ASCs, surgical hospitals, surgical clinics, and anesthesia groups: contracting, front-end solutions, transcription, coding, billing, chart management

Building efficiency and value through the entire surgical experience.

At nimble, we understand surgical care starts at a physician’s clinic before surgeons and anesthesiologists see patients in the operating room. Our Total RCM solution serves ambulatory surgery centers, surgical clinics, surgical hospitals, and anesthesia groups.

As back-office support of an ASC or surgical hospital operating room is so closely linked to the back-office support of affiliated surgical clinics and anesthesia groups, we strive to identify and unlock efficiencies throughout the revenue cycle process by leveraging our fully integrated, tech-enabled RCM workflow tools.

nimble brings solutions to its
clients’ key RCM challenges.

Revenue Leakage

As a highly trained specialist, you operate in a world with a complex claims system. Highest dollar claims are important, but is there leakage in your process that’s resulting in lost revenue?

Complex Processes

Combinations of changing personnel, homegrown technology, and third-party resources can result in suboptimal workflows leading to inefficient billing and revenue leakage.

Claims Matching

If your patient is diagnosed at your clinic before seeing you and your affiliated anesthesiologist in the operating room, shouldn’t patient, billing, and coding information across those claims all match?

Staffing Challenges

Workforce challenges are no secret in today’s marketplace. Access a team of surgical RCM experts to eliminate the never-ending process of recruiting, hiring, and training personnel.

Front Desk Tasks

Don’t let administrative tasks burden your day when your expertise can be put to better work. Your patients rely on you for specialized care and unmatched experience, which is what matters most.

Changing Regulations

With constant change to reimbursement rules, payer procedures, and compliance protocols, healthcare operations are onerous for teams to effectively navigate.

nimble RCM solutions can maximize your ROI.

nimble experts can help answer tough questions that identify areas for your financial improvement